Can I Drink Coffee After Root Canal Treatment? (2023)

Can I Drink Coffee After Root Canal Treatment? For the following 24 hours After Treatment you must: Avoid any hot drinks like Coffee or Tea. All dark-staining foods, such as bolognese, soy sauce, red meat, chocolate, and all fruits except bananas, should be avoided. In this article, Centralparkwestcafe will discuss more about this.

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Can I Drink Coffee After Root Canal Treatment?

The procedure is a common and simple dental procedure, but you must take good care of yourself as well as follow your dentist’s instructions to heal. Do I still be able to drink coffee after having my teeth extracted? The answer is no, you should not.

It is advised to avoid chewing or biting on the treated tooth until a crown or permanent filling has been applied. Any dark-colored beverages, including tea, coffee, red wine, sodas, soft drinks, and all other non-fruit drinks like bolognese, soy sauce, red meat, and chocolate, are prohibited.

Avoid any dark stains that may occur on tea, coffee, red wine, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages over the next 24 hours. After a root canal, you must absolutely avoid doing any intense exercise.

Resting following surgery gives you the chance to heal more quickly. Medication may ease discomfort, even though the first course of therapy could. Exercise cautiously if your gums or teeth are inflamed or worn down.

You shouldn’t consume alcohol or smoke for more than 48 hours. We advise you to see your doctor if you bleed significantly after a root canal.

What Can I Eat Or Drink Immediately After My Root Canal Treatment?

The fact that your mouth will be numb is the major factor in this situation. The duration and region of the numbness brought on by anesthesia will differ from person to person. Most likely, you’ll feel numbness in your lip, gums, cheeks, and/or tongue in addition to your teeth. As a result, you must be extremely careful when eating and drinking to avoid accidentally hurting yourself, such as by biting or burning yourself.

The general norm is to proceed cautiously while eating or drinking after receiving root canal therapy. With those words: Eat only soft meals that don’t need a lot of chewing and eat slowly on the side opposite the treatment or the side that is not numb.

While their mouth feels numb, some people decide to stay away from food and liquids completely, with the exception of cold water. However, given that any large drop in your blood sugar levels may actually make you feel nauseous, this strategy might not be the ideal (a very important issue for diabetics especially). Consult your treating dentist or endodontist for advice tailored to your unique situation.

What Other Foods And Beverages Are Off-Limits While You Recover From A Root Canal?

In the hours and days after your root canal, you have to give up more than just hot coffee. The following meals and drinks should be avoided while your mouth recovers.


I’m sorry, but after your root canal, you can’t treat yourself to a celebration drink, at least not immediately afterwards. Alcohol use has occasionally been linked to post-root canal bleeding, which is another dental emergency.

Like hot coffee, alcohol can also slow down the healing process by preventing your gums from renewing at their usual rate.

Spicy Foods

These items, including jerk chicken, jalapenos, peppers, and spicy broth, are currently prohibited. You’ll notice that your mouth is more sensitive than usual the moment you try to consume spicy food. You won’t be able to process it all.

Sticky Candy

You’ll need to try mouthwash if you typically chew gum to freshen your breath. Following a root canal, sticky treats like gum, taffy, and candies must all be avoided for a period. Keep in mind that you just had a crown placed in your mouth. Even though the crown is secured with dental-grade cement, sticky confectionery might easily remove it.


In some circumstances, the chewiness of bread may also cause the removal of the crown from your tooth. Additionally, you won’t feel comfortable chewing that much right now. For a while, omit the bread.


A crunchy, toothsome carrot is a great food to include in your diet at any time other than after a root canal. Your mouth will hurt after only one mouthful of a carrot. You also run the chance of removing the crown.


It’s the same with apples; your mouth will be tortured right now if you try to eat a hard, crisp apple. It’s not a good idea for you to consume the apple, even if you chop it into small pieces. Instead, choose the much softer avocados, melons, papayas, mangoes, or bananas.


By this point, you’ve probably realized why you shouldn’t consume nuts following a root canal. No nut is supple enough to allow you to munch without risking tooth pain. Even though nuts are good for you in general, you must avoid them right now.

When Can You Drink Hot Coffee Again After a Root Canal?

Can I Drink Coffee After Root Canal Treatment? (2)

You can hardly wait to have a delicious cup of hot black coffee. When will you be able to resume enjoying your preferred beverage?

For further information, we advise speaking with your dentist or endodontist. About 24 hours following their root canal operation, the majority of patients may begin drinking hot liquids. The anesthesia’s numbness should have completely gone off by then.

Don’t jump back into drinking hot coffee as soon as your dentist gives the okay. Sip some coffee, enjoy the flavor, and notice how it makes your tongue feel. The coffee may be too hot if you feel any pain or other discomfort. After a while cooling, take another sip.

It could be too soon for you to drink hot coffee if you are still in discomfort at that moment. Ask for their advice by giving your dentist or endodontist a call. They could advise you to hold off on hot beverages for a few more days or perhaps a week. Then, your mouth should be sufficiently healed to be less sensitive.

Other Ways to Get Your Energy Fix After a Root Canal

Energy Drink

Energy drinks aren’t the healthiest beverage option, but given your restricted diet, you can make a few exceptions.

One can of energy drink goes a long way, as opposed to several cups of coffee, which you need to get through the day.

Red Bull energy drink includes 111 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce can, whereas 5-Hour Energy has 200 milligrams in 1.93 fluid ounces. In contrast, a cup of coffee with eight fluid ounces has 95 milligrams of caffeine. A 5-Hour Energy will give you a considerably bigger energy surge, but it will also cause a much bigger collapse.

Peppermint Tea

While most teas are consumed hot, some taste better when served with ice. One of them is peppermint tea. Less of a crash will occur later because to the naturally energizing properties of the tea’s components. Additionally effective in easing nausea and upset stomach, peppermint tea can also help with migraines and headaches.

After having a root canal, your mouth may have pain as you attempt to sleep, but peppermint tea may be able to relax your muscles and help you fall asleep.

Yerba Mate

You should also try yerba mate, a caffeinated beverage made from the Ilex paraguariensis plant. It only requires collecting the leaves, drying them off, grinding them up, and steeping them in water because the plant’s leaves already contain caffeine.
Around 85 milligrams of caffeine, or a little less than a cup of coffee, are present in one cup of yerba mate.

FAQs about Can I Drink Coffee After Root Canal Treatment?

How soon can I drink coffee after a root canal?

For the first 24 hours you may experience some cold and heat sensitivity. Do not consume hot foods or beverages until the anesthesia and numbness have worn off. Avoid vigorous physical exercise as well as extremely hot or spicy foods for the first 24 hours.

Can you drink anything after the root canal?

Stay away from hot food and beverages for the next day or two, especially while your tooth is especially sensitive. Eat soft foods like yogurt, eggs, and liquids. Avoid hard, crunchy food like nuts and seeds. Avoid alcohol if you’re taking prescription pain relievers.

Is it OK to drink coffee after a filling?

You may want to avoid consuming hot drinks like coffee or tea following a filling treatment as your gums and tooth will still be numb. Due to the local anaesthetic inserted into your gums, the affects of this may take a few hours to wear off.

Wrap Up

If your mouth is still numb from the anaesthetic, drinking hot coffee after a root canal might delay recovery and cause burns. However, iced coffee, yerba mate, peppermint tea, and energy drinks are all perfectly acceptable.
Even while it may be difficult to begin your day without your customary hot cup of coffee, giving up for a day or two will give your tongue time to recover so you may eat and drink anything without experiencing any discomfort!

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